Dogs Welcome

Beach House Inn Loves Dogs! 

The Beach House Inn loves dogs. We welcome quiet, non-aggressive, potty trained dogs to stay at our Inn; but keeping our property safe and clean for everyone is our top priority. In order to keep this wonderful service available, it is necessary that our guests agree to abide by the following pet policies:

Dogs may NOT be left unattended in the room at any time. No matter how typically well behaved, a dog in an unfamiliar place may not act as usual, especially if left alone. Even crated, a lonely or nervous dog may howl and cry excessively. (Failure to comply will result in a $250 charge to your credit card on file and you may be asked to vacate the Inn.)

All dogs must be completely free of fleas and ticks, be groomed and clean, and be up to date on shots and vaccinations.

Guests are liable for all damages and/or injuries caused by their pets. You are liable for the full replacement value of furnishings or repair costs for surfaces and other property damaged by your pet, including any loss of revenue during repairs. You are also liable for any injury your dog may inflict on other dogs or humans.

Please keep your dog on a leash. For the safety of your dog and fellow guests, dogs must be on leash (and attached to their human companion) at all times while on the property.

We suggest that you bring your own dog crate and/or bed. This will assure that your dog has a familiar and comfortable place to sleep.

Please try to keep your dog off of the beds and furniture. We know this may be difficult for some pets, so extra sheets are in your room to help protect the furniture and limit your damage liability.

Wet, sandy, or muddy dogs are not allowed in the room. Please ensure that your dog is clean and dry before entering room.

Please do not use the in-room sinks, showers or tubs for bathing your dog.

Please do not use the courtyard as your dog’s bathroom. Nobody wants to smell (or worse yet, step in) your dog’s waste while enjoying our lovely courtyard. Additionally, dog urine leaves unsightly brown patches on the grass.

Pick up after your dog when you walk him/her. The City Parks Department charges a fine for not doing so. For your convenience, we offer Mutt Mitts in the office and you can deposit the waste in our designated trash can located in the carport area.

Be courteous to fellow guests at the Inn. Please be mindful that not everybody loves dogs! Try to prevent your dog from jumping upon, or bothering others. For your dog’s enjoyment and exercise, we have compiled a list of off-leash beaches and parks in the area. Just ask for our brochure when you check-in!

Our Pet Fee is $10 per dog, per night.